BlueSkies for Unity  1.8.1
BlueSkies.CloudLayer Class Reference

Represents a cloud layer. More...

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Public Member Functions

 CloudLayer (ICloudLayerDescriptor descriptor, ulong uid)
GameObject getLayerObject ()
ICloudLayerDescriptor getLayerDescriptor ()
Vector3 getLayerPosition ()
void setLayerPosition (Vector3 position)
ulong getUID ()
List< ICloudgetCloudsInLayer ()
void update ()
void destroyLayer ()
void addCloud (ICloud cloud)
void destroyCloud (ulong uid)

Detailed Description

Represents a cloud layer.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

BlueSkies.CloudLayer.CloudLayer ( ICloudLayerDescriptor  descriptor,
ulong  uid 


[in]descriptorLayer defined descriptor
[in]uidLayer ID

Member Function Documentation

void BlueSkies.CloudLayer.addCloud ( ICloud  cloud)

Adds a Cloud to Layer

[in]cloudCloud in which to add

Implements BlueSkies.ICloudLayer.

void BlueSkies.CloudLayer.destroyCloud ( ulong  uid)

Removes the cloud with the specified UID from the layer.

void BlueSkies.CloudLayer.destroyLayer ( )

Destroy the cloud layer object and all of the contained cloud game objects.

Implements BlueSkies.ICloudLayer.

List<ICloud> BlueSkies.CloudLayer.getCloudsInLayer ( )

Get the list of clouds that are in the layer.

The cloud layer's clouds.

Implements BlueSkies.ICloudLayer.

ICloudLayerDescriptor BlueSkies.CloudLayer.getLayerDescriptor ( )

Get the cloud layer's descriptor.

The cloud layer's descriptor.

Implements BlueSkies.ICloudLayer.

GameObject BlueSkies.CloudLayer.getLayerObject ( )

Get the cloud layer game object.

The game object.

Implements BlueSkies.ICloudLayer.

Vector3 BlueSkies.CloudLayer.getLayerPosition ( )

Get the current position of the cloud layer.

The cloud layer's position.

Implements BlueSkies.ICloudLayer.

ulong BlueSkies.CloudLayer.getUID ( )

Get the unique identification number for the cloud layer.

The cloud layer's UID.

Implements BlueSkies.ICloudLayer.

void BlueSkies.CloudLayer.setLayerPosition ( Vector3  position)

Sets the current position of the cloud layer.

[in]positionPosition to set.

Implements BlueSkies.ICloudLayer.

void BlueSkies.CloudLayer.update ( )

Update the cloud layer.

Implements BlueSkies.ICloudLayer.

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