BlueSkies for Unity  1.8.1
BlueSkies.PrecipitationManager Class Reference

Controls all forms of Precipitation currently running. More...

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Public Member Functions

void setPrecipitationIntensity (float intensity)
void setUnderCloud (bool underCloud)
void hasPrecipitation (bool hasPrecipitation)
void setPrecipitationType (PRECIPITATION_TYPE type)
void allowPrecipitationFog (bool allowPrecipitationFog)
void update ()

Public Attributes

bool _hasPrecipitation = true
bool _allowPrecipitationFog = true
float _precipitationIntensity = 0.0f

Detailed Description

Controls all forms of Precipitation currently running.

Member Function Documentation

void BlueSkies.PrecipitationManager.allowPrecipitationFog ( bool  allowPrecipitationFog)

Sets the bool if precipitation fog is allowed.


Implements BlueSkies.IPrecipitationManager.

void BlueSkies.PrecipitationManager.hasPrecipitation ( bool  hasPrecipitation)

Sets the bool if has precipitation


Implements BlueSkies.IPrecipitationManager.

void BlueSkies.PrecipitationManager.setPrecipitationIntensity ( float  intensity)

Sets the precipitation intensity

[in]intensityfloat that sets intensity max is 30 min is 0

Implements BlueSkies.IPrecipitationManager.

void BlueSkies.PrecipitationManager.setPrecipitationType ( PRECIPITATION_TYPE  type)

Sets the type of precipitation


Implements BlueSkies.IPrecipitationManager.

void BlueSkies.PrecipitationManager.setUnderCloud ( bool  underCloud)

Sets the bool if under a cloud


Implements BlueSkies.IPrecipitationManager.

void BlueSkies.PrecipitationManager.update ( )

Updates all precipitation elements

Implements BlueSkies.IPrecipitationManager.

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