BlueSkies for Unity  1.8.1
BlueSkies.Stars Class Reference

Creates and manages all stars in the scene. More...

Inheritance diagram for BlueSkies.Stars:

Public Member Functions

 Stars (IBlueSkiesTime time)
bool initialize (string prefab)
void update (float refreshRate)
void enable (bool enabled)

Detailed Description

Creates and manages all stars in the scene.

Member Function Documentation

void BlueSkies.Stars.enable ( bool  enabled)

Controls if stars are currently rendering


Implements BlueSkies.IStars.

bool BlueSkies.Stars.initialize ( string  prefab)

Base initialization of stars based on prefab information TRUE if initialization was successful


Implements BlueSkies.IStars.

void BlueSkies.Stars.update ( float  refreshRate)

Update on all stars

Implements BlueSkies.IStars.

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