BlueSkies for Unity  1.8.1
BlueSkies.WindManager Class Reference

Controls all instances of WindVolume. More...

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Public Member Functions

void addWind (IWindVolume wind)
bool removeWind (ulong id)
void clearWinds ()
void moveCloud (ICloud cloud)
void moveCloudLayer (ICloudLayer cloudLayer)
IWindVolume findWind (ulong uid)

Detailed Description

Controls all instances of WindVolume.

Member Function Documentation

void BlueSkies.WindManager.addWind ( IWindVolume  wind)

Adds a new WindVolume to the WindManager.


Implements BlueSkies.IWindManager.

void BlueSkies.WindManager.clearWinds ( )

Removes all WindVolumes from the WindManager

Implements BlueSkies.IWindManager.

void BlueSkies.WindManager.moveCloud ( ICloud  cloud)

Updates the cloud's position based on managed WindVolumes.

[in]cloudThe cloud to move

Implements BlueSkies.IWindManager.

void BlueSkies.WindManager.moveCloudLayer ( ICloudLayer  cloudLayer)

Updates the cloud layer's position based on managed WindVolumes.

[in]cloudLayerThe cloud layer to move

Implements BlueSkies.IWindManager.

bool BlueSkies.WindManager.removeWind ( ulong  id)

Removes a WindVolume from the WindManager.

[in]uidThe UID of the WindVolume to remove
TRUE if successfully added new WindVolume

Implements BlueSkies.IWindManager.

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