BlueSkies for Unity  1.8.1
BlueSkies.IBlueSkiesTime Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for BlueSkies.IBlueSkiesTime:

Public Member Functions

int GetHashCode ()
bool Equals (object t)
void addSeconds (float numSeconds)
double GetEpoch2000Centuries (bool terrestrialTime)
bool setDate (int year, int month, int day)
bool setTime (int hour, int minutes, double seconds, double timeZone, bool daylightSavings)
void getDate (out int year, out int month, out int day)
void getTime (out int hour, out int minute, out double seconds)
int getYear ()
int getMonth ()
int getHour ()
int getMinute ()
double getSeconds ()
double getTimeZone ()
bool isDaylightSavingsTime ()

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