BlueSkies for Unity  1.8.1
BlueSkies.ICloudManager Interface Reference
Inheritance diagram for BlueSkies.ICloudManager:

Public Member Functions

void initialize ()
ulong addCloud (ICloudDescriptor descriptor)
ulong addCloudLayer (ICloudLayerDescriptor descriptor)
void update ()
ICloud getCloud (ulong uid)
ICloudLayer getCloudLayer (ulong uid)
uint getSizeOfManagedClouds ()
uint getSizeOfManagedLayers ()
bool isUnderPreciptitatingCloud (Vector3 position, ref ICloud _currentCloud)
bool isUnderCloud (Vector3 position, ICloud cloud)
bool removeCloud (ulong uid)
bool removeCloudLayer (ulong uid)
GameObject getStratusParent ()
GameObject getCumulusParent ()
GameObject getCirrusParent ()

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