BlueSkies for Unity  1.8.1
BlueSkies.ISilverLining Interface Reference
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Public Member Functions

bool initialize (string licensePath, string resourcePath, bool rightHanded, bool useDevelopmentLicense)
void shutdown ()
void update (IBlueSkiesTime time, Vector3 position)
bool isInitialized ()
uint sizeOfManagedLayers ()
uint sizeOfManagedClouds ()
ulong addCloudLayer (ICloudLayerDescriptor descriptor)
ulong addCloud (ICloudDescriptor descriptor)
bool removeCloudLayer (ulong id)
bool removeCloud (ulong id)
bool getChildClouds (ulong id, out ulong[] children)
bool getCloudPoints (ulong id, Vector3 origin, out float[] points)
bool getCloudVoxels (ulong id, Vector3 origin, out Voxel[] voxels)
ICloudDescriptor getCloudDescriptor (ulong id)
ICloudLayerDescriptor getCloudLayerDescriptor (ulong id)
bool getUniformFloat (string name, out float value)
bool getUniformVector3 (string name, out Vector3 value)
bool getUniformVector4 (string name, out Vector4 value)
bool getUniformMatrix (string name, out Matrix4x4 value)
string getLastError ()
Vector3 getSunDirection ()
Vector3 getSunPosition (float distance)
Vector3 getMoonDirection ()
Vector3 getMoonPosition (float distance)
int getMoonDay (int year, int month, int day)
bool getSunColor (out Color color)
bool getMoonColor (out Color color)
bool getAmbientColor (out Color color)
Color getHorizonColor (float yaw, float pitch)
void setTime (int year, int month, int day, int hour, int minute, double seconds, double zone, bool daylightSavings)
int addWind (double minAltitude, double maxAltitude, double windSpeed, double bearing)
bool removeWind (int id)
void clearWinds ()
void setLocation (double lat, double lon, double alt)
ulong getNewUID ()
bool setHaze (Color hazeColor, float depth, float density)

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